New site design.

I updated the site design to a new template today. I am thinking that I will be integrating into a similar template and importing it into Typo3. The only thing that will really change with the mordant template is the logo and color scheme.


If anyone has suggestions or ideas please email smeat.

by smeat | posted on 2/29/2004

tid242 where are you?!

All those who think tid242 needs to post articles please speak up.


Please email him. >:-P

by smeat | posted on 10/16/2003

The start of a new era!

Welcome to the newly redesigned site.  We have incoporated the site into a content management system, this makes it much easier to make updates and publish articles.  Hopefully we will be more proactive about publishing.


If you have any questions please email smeat.

by smeat | posted on 9/7/2003